Exam conditions – Stichting Verkeersregelaars Nederland (SVNL)

1. Examination registrations can only be done by a training institute. A training institute can register on the site www.aanstellingspas.nl by means of a Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number with the registration as a trainer.

2. No later than 2 weeks before the desired exam date, the exam will be booked on the site aanstellingspas.nl of SVNL Nederland.

3. The costs for registration of the (re)exam are:

A. For an exam you pay € 687.00 excl. 21% VAT per first block of at least 4 people.
B. For each additional candidate € 171.75 excl. 21% VAT.

Number of candidatesPrice excl. VAT21% VATPrice incl. VAT
1 to 4€ 687.00 € 144.27€ 831.27
5 € 858.75€ 180.34€ 1.039.09
6 € 1.030.50 € 216.41€ 1.246.91
7 € 1.202.25 € 252.47€ 1.454.72
8 € 1.374.00 € 288.54€ 1.662.54

4. The trainer is responsible for the correctness of the candidate data. If the data turn out to be incorrect, this may have consequences for applying for the aanstellingspas.

5. Exam costs will be charged in advance. You pay this when booking an exam directly by iDEAL. It is not possible to pay for an exam via an invoice.

6. After definitively booking and paying for an exam, it is no longer possible to cancel it. However, it is possible to add extra candidates or, in the event of cancellation, to enter a replacement candidate 5 days before the exam. If an exam candidate is unable to attend on the day of the exam, in principle no refund will take place, except in the event of demonstrable superior force. Under the following circumstances, you may be eligible for a refund of exam fees already paid:

A. Death of the candidate or of a close family member
B. Admission to the hospital
C. Illness without admission to the hospital, but with severe impairment of performing traffic control tasks.
D. Special weather situations (only after consultation with trainer, SVNL and delegate)

The refund can only take place after the submission of supporting documents by the candidate (in cases of points a, b or c above) and assessment by the board of SVNL.

7. If an examination candidate has obtained a failing grade for the examination, a new examination may be requested. The candidate must register for this via the trainer. The number of exams is unlimited.

8.The training institute determines the exam location and passes it on to SVNL when registering for the exam.

9. The training institute itself is responsible for reserving the intersection with the road authority / Municipality. This crossroad must be approved by a delegate of the Police Academy. This does not say anything about the approval or permitting of an exam by the road authority/municipality.

10. Each examination under the Traffic Controllers Regulation 2009 must be attended and judged by an examiner on behalf of the training institute and a designated delegate on behalf of the Police Academy.

11. If the exam is cancelled by the delegate of the Police Academy, this is not the responsibility of SVNL.

12. If an exam cannot take place due to the absence of the delegate of the Police Academy, the exam will still be taken free of charge, at the shortest possible time and in consultation with SVNL.

13. Prior to the exam, candidates must identify themselves by means of a valid ID proof. The delegate of the Police Academy checks the list of candidates for accuracy (initials, any prefixes, surname and date of birth).

14. After the examination, the delegate of the Police Academy sends the results and exam data to SVNL as soon as possible (digitally).

15. The secretariat of SVNL checks the candidate data and registers who passed/failed/was not present.

16. The candidates who have passed will receive a unique code via www.aanstellingspas.nl. This can be taken over by the training institute and/or passed on to the client.

17. On the basis of this unique code, the trainer/client may request an aanstellingspas.

18. The data of the candidates will only be used for verification for the purpose of the examination and the provision of aanstellingspassen and will not be used in any way for other purposes.