Termination of work at a municipality

If a municipal official leaves the employment or if the activities change, the Aanstellingspas must be handed in to the municipality. You can send a request to helpdesk@aanstellingspas.nl to have the Aanstellingspas declared invalid. You state the initials and surname, date of birth, card number and the reason (for example: termination of employment). The Aanstellingspas is then invalid, but the appointment remains valid until the end date.

You can destroy or send the submitted Aanstellingspas to:

Verkeerscentrum Nederland
Postbus 1500
4700 BM Roosendaal

If the professional traffic controller starts carrying out work again, the appointment can be reactivated via the option ‘Request conversion/addition’. A new Aanstellingspas will then be issued. Note: The end date of the appointment must not have expired more than six months at the time of application. If this is the case, the professional traffic controller must retake the exam.