Problems with payment

Payment failed

A payment stating the invoice number is not recognized by Stichting Mollie Payments. The payment will then be refunded. You probably did not or incorrectly stated the reference number. Copy this with dashes.

It can happen that several payments are being processed at the same time. The amount is the sum of the relevant invoices. Several reference numbers have been given as notification. Only the first reference number with corresponding amount is taken over by the payment system, so it may appear that a payment has been processed.

Invoice expired

Payment is sent on the day the invoice expires or has already been expired. There is a period of 4 weeks for payment stated on the invoice. Payment must be completed before this date. If this is not done within this period, the payment will be refunded and a credit invoice will automatically follow.

Your requests will then be automatically returned to your shopping cart (top right of the screen). You can re-pay the order from here. You will receive a new invoice for this. The previous invoice will be canceled.

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