Types of applications

A new card

The traffic controller has passed the exam and would like an aanstellingspas. This requires the unique validation code that is provided by the trainer/applicant of the exam. In most cases, the trainer will state this on the certificate. The validation code consists of nine digits and is valid for 6 months after the exam. SVNL does not manage any certificates itself. You can request the trainer/applicant of the exam to provide you with the validation code.

The costs for a new card are € 25.30 incl. VAT (€ 20.91 excl. VAT).

Renewal of a card

The traffic controller is in possession of a valid aanstellingspas from the current employer, which will expire shortly. A renewal can be requested up to a maximum of 6 months after the expiry date. During that period, they’re not allowed to work with the expired pass. Of course, the pass can also be extended before the end date.

Please note: If the pass is not renewed within six months after the end date, the traffic controller must retake the exam.

The costs for renewal of a card are € 25.30 incl. VAT (€ 20.91 excl. VAT).

A duplicate of a card

The traffic controller has a valid aanstellingspas from the current employer, but it has been lost or stolen.

The employer can also request a duplicate card for the traffic controller if the pass is worn or broken. The employer can contact the helpdesk in advance.

The costs for a duplicate are € 25.30 incl. VAT (€ 20.91 excl. VAT).

A conversion/addition

The traffic controller is in possession of a valid Aanstellingspas stating the previous employer or an additional employer should be added. In the case of the conversion option, the new employer is the only one who will be shown on the new card. With the addition option, other employers remain on it and the new employer is added to the existing Aanstellingspas. During the application it is also possible to immediately renew the current Aanstellingspas.

The costs for a conversion/addition are € 25.30 incl. VAT (€ 20.91 excl. VAT).

An Exemption

An exemption is a document that states permission to use the road in special situations. An employer can request this document. With effect from the new regulation, the date on the exemption is equal to the validity of the aanstellingspas. The exemption applies to all roads in the Netherlands under the conditions stated on the document. With an exemption, parking is allowed in places where no parking regulation applies. This is not allowed in indicated “no parking” zones or in a paid parking space.

The exemption is linked to the appointment stated on the aanstellingspas. The exemption must be placed visibly behind the windscreen of the vehicle, together with a copy of the valid aanstellingspas.

Please note: If a paid parking or regular parking space is available, you must park here. The exemption may not be used here. If there is no specific parking ban at the barrier and safe parking is possible, then this is permitted using the exemption.

The costs for an exemption are € 13.82 incl. VAT (€ 11.42 excl. VAT).