Your professional traffic controller exam meets all legal requirements.

To be allowed to be deployed as a professional traffic controller, it is sufficient to pass the professional traffic controller exam in combination with a valid aanstellingspas by Rijkswaterstaat or the municipality via SVNL. This gives you the legal basis for professionally regulating traffic on all roads.

The Regulations for Traffic Controllers contain the requirements for the examination and the appointment. Your trainer can inform and guide you about this.

The exam is planned by your trainer at the SVNL and the application by the employer for an aanstellingspas for professional traffic controllers takes place via the website The same applies to transport guides.


Professional traffic controllers who are deployed on public roads are subject to authorization and competence requirements in accordance with the Traffic Controller Regulations. These requirements are met by training in theory and practice with a final examination supervised by a delegate on behalf of the police academy. After successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate of competence, with which the employer can immediately submit the application for an appointment as a professional traffic controller.

Traffic measures

Where the work area can be secured with traffic measures, no traffic controller is deployed. The balance for this is mainly considered in the context of safety aspects and traffic flow. In addition, an economic weighting is possible, except when the safety of the traffic controller or the traffic is at stake. (see CROW publications).

An extra instruction about safety at the location to the traffic controllers to be deployed may be desirable or necessary. be obliged to.